The goal of the WiFi Project Group is to foster collaboration, exploration, and standardization among organizations deploying WiFi, infrastructure vendors, and service providers.

The project group will work on improving WiFi Internet connectivity and pursue opportunities to deploy innovative technology, and business models for WiFi networks. The emphasis will be on bringing solutions to the market in the shortest possible time frame, leveraging the collective leadership, expertise, and influence of project group members.

The project group will start off by addressing the following areas:

  • Managed WiFi
  • Mobile data offload and AAA
  • WiFi-based backhaul

Group Structure

Co-Chaired by:
Fritz-Joachim Westphal (Deutsche Telekom)
Paul Monte (Facebook)
Vish Ponnampalam (Facebook)


The WiFi Group will foster collaboration among various members to create projects and deploy pilots in the following areas:

WiFi monetization
The Project Group will develop methods, standards, APIs, etc. that make it easier for operators to monetize WiFi networks.

The Project Group will develop hardware and/or software, methods, and standards that will make WiFi networks less expensive and easier to manage and operate.

The Project Group will develop software, methods, standards, APIs that allow for operators/system integrators to build custom solutions, mix WiFi vendors, and interoperability with cellular mobile networks for access and backhaul/lasthaul.

The Project Group will coordinate with other relevant bodies and organizations concerned with WiFi networks and technology.


The vision for the Project Group is to build an active ecosystem for WiFi network vendors, operators, and other interested parties that will work together to deploy innovative WiFi solutions. To accomplish this, the deliverables of the group shall be specifications, standards, methods, APIs, prototypes, and field trials that demonstrate one or more of the Project Group scope areas listed above.

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